Cyber Security

Through our portfolio of holistic IT Security Services, TnT Solutions has best-in-class measures to build a comprehensive security strategy encompassing cyber security, mobile protection plan and cloud backup and recovery.

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Multi-layered defenses and comprehensive protection

Business today lives in the cloud, runs on mobile devices and constantly evolves.

A comprehensive IT security strategy is a critical component of the success of any business. Without an extensive security strategy, organizations leave themselves open to countless security risks.

Stronger security, stronger business

There are all kinds of cyber threats, to include holding your data hostage or silently collecting data exposing your company’s sensitive information. Data protection technology such as email filters, firewalls, anti-virus and malware tools, while helping to protect your data, are not foolproof in protecting your business. To strengthen your organization’s security posture in today’s volatile environment, TnT Solutions provides a 5-step approach to cybersecurity that:

  • IDENTIFIES potential risks and gaps in your IT infrastructure
  • PROTECTS with best practices in security, protocols, software updates and more
  • DETECTS threats to quickly avoid and mitigate risk
  • RESPONDS via alerts and personal support in the event of a cyber attack
  • RECOVERS to remediate and restore lost data and systems to full operations